Kenny Albert: Fox Sports Broadcaster, MSG Network Talent, Twitter Fiend

The official Twitter page of Kenny Albert

The official Twitter page of Kenny Albert

Kenny Albert, is a man of many faces.

Aside from being an on-air talent for FOX Sports, and the play by play voice of the New York Rangers, he is also an avid Twitter user.

When looking at his profile, it is apparent that he keeps his usage of Twitter very professional.

He keeps most of his tweets short and sweet, and usually writes just to update people on something that has happened within the sports world, or his field of profession.

It seems as though his main goal on Twitter is to inform his followers (mostly sports fans) of the latest happenings within the sports world; and he does it quite well.

The last tweet that he sent at the time I wrote this was: “Huge win for the NYG in Philly. We’ll see them again next Sunday in Arizona,” after the New York Giants beat the Philadelphia Eagles 29-16.

In addition to this, he also wrote a few tweets prior to this game, including links to pictures at the stadium and articles from FOX sports’ website in order to enhance the network’s coverage of the game, and the fans’ viewing experience of the game as well.

He aims to keep people as up to date as possible, tweeting very often (every hour or two), with the latest news and events surrounding the teams he covers, and does what I believe is a fine job of keeping people not only informed, but also engaged.

Albert also seems to be very authentic with his tweets.

He just reports the facts, and nothing more; nothing extra. He doesn’t tweet random conversations or personal messages that have no relevance to his professional duties.

Kenny seems very personable on this medium, answering many of his followers questions regarding sports topics quite often. In this way, he also uses it to interact with the fans of the sports community and offer them personal insights from a professional perspective.

Much like with his other tweets, Albert doesn’t respond to questions to create personal interactions for no apparent purpose, but rather he uses it to enhance his professional duties by giving it to the public at a slightly more personal level, away from the booth (giving the viewer an “inside look”).

He primarily uses it for broadcasting purposes, and while he does occasionally use it for conversations, they are all conversations in a professional manner.

Because of his status as a professional broadcast talent, Albert has many followers. Currently, 4,106 Twitter users follow him, mostly from the sports community, who read his tweets for informational purposes regarding their favorite team.

However he only follows 296 people, most of them being athletes, people in the sports community, or other sports broadcasters (such as Mike Francesa of WFAN radio). It doesn’t seem as though he has many ‘personal’ follows, and it appears he aims to keep it strictly for professional use.

Keeping with his professional intentions, Kenny does not use Twitter for his own self-promotion.

He does occasionally tag his network’s Twitter account (@NFLonFOX) whenever he tweets about Football,  to represent the topic and network he is tweeting for, but he does not attempt to draw attention to himself personally through his tweets.

Albert’s Twitter profile appears to be an exemplary model of how people in the professional world, and especially the sports broadcasting world should use Twitter.

He keeps his updates short, sweet, and to the point, and writes only about what he makes money for; sports.

After taking a little longer to analyze the Twitter page of Kenny Albert, I find that his persona on the social network is very admirable, and something that I will aim to replicate when I graduate from college, and enter the professional world of sports broadcasting.

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