Get into the holiday spirit on Long Island

  1. It’s Christmas time on long island.
  2. Can’t wait to be in long island and nyc over christmas:)
  3. i wanna leave for long island already. hurry up christmas break!
  4. And while Long Islanders may be starting to anxiously anticipate the year’s biggest holidays, there are certainly a wide variety of events taking place in the near future that allow people on the island the opportunity to enjoy the days leading up to the big events!
  5. Lots of festive Christmas events going on around Long Island this weekend
  6. Just signed up for a Christmas 5k in old Bethpage, long island on the 17th. #doingsomethingforme #iloverunning
  7. Just like every year, some of the most exciting elements of the holiday season are the traditions that it brings.
  8. Backyard Christmas tree tradition returns to Levittown: The Schupbach family raised many eye… #Newsday #Hempstead
  9. One of my favorite things to do in LOng Island is drive around and look at all TW Christmas lights. People be going off. LIPA must be 🙂
  10. Yesterday, in New York City, they lit a big Christmas tree, while a few miles to the east, here on Long Island, they lit a big duck.
  11. One major event that kicks off the holiday season is “Christmas at the Lighthouse.” Every year on Thanksgiving weekend, the famous Montauk Point Lighthouse is beautifully decorated for the holidays and on display throughout the entire month of December for all holiday-loving Islanders to see. This year’s ceremony took place on Nov. 27. Below is a video of last year’s lighting.

  12. Montauk Lighthouse Christmas Lighting 2010
  13. Yet, while the holiday season is a time for fun and happiness, it is also a time for acceptance and understanding. It is a time for realizing that there are many different holidays to be celebrated during this upcoming month, and that all, while very different, are special in their own ways.
  14. ‘Holiday tree’ dispute angers some in Mt. Sinai: My comments to this story on News 12 Long Island: “In this age of political correctness, people are forgetting Christians have the right to say and express in words, Merry Christmas. Let us not merge each holiday into the other when they have different meanings. To me, Christmas is a holyday and not a holiday.”
  15. Holiday Tree Vs. Christmas Tree: A Long Island community is debating whether to have a “holiday tree” or a “Chri…
  16. Despite certain setbacks, the holiday season is largely a time when people can put their everyday problems aside and simply look forward to the special month ahead. And with all the events going on and traditions continuing on Long Island this year, residents should have no problem getting into the holiday spirit!

‘Home’ for Thanksgiving: Johnson encapsulates holiday spirit

No home? No problem!

For students who find themselves stuck on campus over the Thanksgiving break, Hofstra Vice President of Student Affairs, Sandra Johnson can help you feel right at home for the holidays.

It’s become somewhat of a tradition in the Johnson household to open their home on Thanksgiving to students who are unable to venture back to their own families for the special day.

Whether it’s a student with an athletic commitment, one that stays to fulfill work obligations, or an international student who is unable to make the long trip home for a holiday not celebrated in their country, Johnson’s generous tradition allows them a place to enjoy a comfortable family environment and a delicious Thanksgiving feast.

Johnson and her family have opened their doors to others for many years now, and normally have a very nice turnout from students looking for a place to get away.

In fact, for this year’s Turkey Day, student interest was so high, she actually had to place a limit on the number of students allowed to sign up at the risk of running out of room at her residence.

So no matter what the story is for being stuck at Hofstra over Thanksgiving break, VP of Student Affairs, Sandra Johnson, is always there to make students feel right at home and to teach them the traditions of this timeless American holiday.

Isn’t that something to be thankful for?



VP Sandra Johnson Thanksgiving

VP Sandra Johnson talking about Thanksgiving open house. Click image to link to video.

Long Islanders take ‘strides’ to ‘stripe’ out cancer

Members of the Carcinoid Cancer Awareness Network (CCAN) took to the pavement over the weekend in the 3rd Annual “Strides for Stripes” 5-kilometer Zebra Walk.

Supporters flocked to Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, Saturday, in order to raise funds and awareness for this cancer, all while getting some exercise with friends and family.

Participants, many of whom had a close connection with carcinoid cancer, trekked around the walk paths of the scenic park, paying a $20 registration fee, in an attempt to gain support for the research of cures for this threatening illness.

According to the CCAN’s website, carcinoid cancer is part of a group of tumors that grow in the hormone producing cells of the human body.

Although considered a rare disease, over 11,000 new patients are diagnosed every year, and there are currently 125,000 known cases of it in the U.S. today.

Since it has been considered “rare,” compared to other forms of cancer, it has had low priority in terms of medical research thus far.

For one weekend morning in November, Long Island residents attempted to promote awareness to end that trend.

And we all know, a little can go a long way.

Zebra Walk: Strides for Stripes
Click on image to access slideshow gallery of event.


Long Island gas prices on decline; drop could continue

Could it be…fuel for your wallet?

In this economy, everybody is looking for ways to save money, and a cheaper gas fill-up means a happy wallet for consumers nationwide.

Based off the recent trends, lower gas prices are exactly what Long Island residents may be able to expect in the near future.

According to John Callegari of Long Island Business News, gas prices fell 4.4 cents per gallon on average last week, as the downward trend continued here on the Island.

With the average retail price for gasoline on Long Island at $3.68 per gallon this past week, prices have already dropped 26.8 cents from the average last month.

However, even with the recent drop, Long Island gas prices still sit high above the national average, at $3.42 per gallon, according to

The trends indicate that Long Island gas prices normally do sit higher than the national (and even statewide) average, which can be equated to its close proximity to a major metropolitan area.

Yet even with its higher than average prices, Long Island residents can be hopeful heading into the next few weeks.

According to CBS New York, oil analyst Peter Beutel says gasoline prices should continue to drop on the Island as we head toward the end of the month.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Average Gas Prices Trend Past 3 Months

The roller coaster trend indicates gas prices may continue to decrease in near future. DATA COURTESY OF GASBUDDY.COM

U.S. born cleric killed in Yemen

Words relating to the C.I.A. killing of a U.S. born cleric in Yemen

Words relating to the C.I.A. killing of a U.S. born cleric in Yemen

One of the top stories circulating around the web, today, was about a CIA drone killing of a U.S. born radical Islamist in Yemen.

When I put the story headlines in the Wordle, right away I could see that it was telling me that a cleric was involved in some sort of killing in Yemen.

I was able to formulate this assumptions because the most prominent words in this Wordle were “Yemen,” “Cleric,” and “Killed.”

I was not surprised to see that these were the most prominent words as they all seemed to be in every headline I entered into the page.

However, I was surprised to see that the phrase “U.S. born” and the term “al-Qaeda” did not seem to have as much prominence, as I felt them both to be in many of the headlines that I chose.

Before entering the headlines into the Wordle, I would have expected those two terms to be among the biggest words in the cloud, however, this was not the case.

Yet while many of the headlines had similar words or phrases in them, I felt as though they all did a very good job at shaping their own way of headlining the story, by ordering the words differently, and including different terms such as “CIA,” “drone,” or “Muslim” here and there.

Every headline was slightly different in its own way.

The timeless ‘jobs’ of Apple’s departed chair

Steve Jobs over the years

This past week, a major corporation and the technology world as we know it lost an icon.

Steve Jobs, Co-founder and former CEO of Apple, Inc., who has introduced many of the gadgets that have become a mainstay in society today, passed away at age 56 after succumbing to pancreatic cancer.

In a tribute to the passing of the Apple Chairman, The Economist published an article yesterday entitled, “Steve Jobs: A Genius Departs.”

Within the article, the magazine included a time-line of Jobs’ many accomplishments from his co-founding of Apple in 1976, to his resignation from Apple’s CEO position in August of this year.

This time-line did, in fact, enhance the article’s credibility as it added a valuable visual element to the already detailed text portion it contained.

The article spent a lot of time discussing Jobs’ many different accomplishments, and innovations he brought to the technology world during his career in the business.

It included great detail to go along with each accomplishment in order to educate the reader about just the type of man Jobs’ was, and how valuable he had been to our society’s technological revolution.

With the inclusion of the timeline in the article, it allows the reader to take a break from the long, detailed text, and lets them see all of his accomplishments listed, by date, in one simple chart.

This makes it easier for people to read the article (as it basically bullet points a good portion of it), and it allows the reader a visual representation that helps them to better understand Jobs’ progression through his life and career, and his influence over the current state of the global technology world.

Steve Jobs was an innovator, and through the use of this timeline in The Economist‘s tribute article to him, now everybody can see just how innovative he really was.