Long Islanders take ‘strides’ to ‘stripe’ out cancer

Members of the Carcinoid Cancer Awareness Network (CCAN) took to the pavement over the weekend in the 3rd Annual “Strides for Stripes” 5-kilometer Zebra Walk.

Supporters flocked to Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, Saturday, in order to raise funds and awareness for this cancer, all while getting some exercise with friends and family.

Participants, many of whom had a close connection with carcinoid cancer, trekked around the walk paths of the scenic park, paying a $20 registration fee, in an attempt to gain support for the research of cures for this threatening illness.

According to the CCAN’s website, carcinoid cancer is part of a group of tumors that grow in the hormone producing cells of the human body.

Although considered a rare disease, over 11,000 new patients are diagnosed every year, and there are currently 125,000 known cases of it in the U.S. today.

Since it has been considered “rare,” compared to other forms of cancer, it has had low priority in terms of medical research thus far.

For one weekend morning in November, Long Island residents attempted to promote awareness to end that trend.

And we all know, a little can go a long way.

Zebra Walk: Strides for Stripes
Click on image to access slideshow gallery of event.


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