Sunday Night Sports Extra 2/22/15

My extended sports segments that airs every Sunday during the 11 p.m. show.

Daytona 500, Erin Hamlin, Hockey Day in America (Caps vs. Flyers, Islanders vs. Canucks, Rangers vs. Blue Jackets, Blackhawks vs. Bruins).


Anchorman Express

It was Halloween 2014, so Mike and I decided to have some fun and do this edition of Sports Express as the news team from “Anchorman.”

It’s a special Anchorman Express starring legendary sportscaster Mike Burgundy, Champ Davidson, Brick Davidson, and Spencer Fantana!

Enjoy, and as always…stay classy!


November 6, 2014 was the Annual “Men Make Dinner Day,” a day where men, who normally don’t do the cooking in their household have the responsibility of cooking a meal for their family.

For this story, I learned how to make a meal from Chef Luke Barrett, Executive Chef/Owner of The Willows of Utica in order to get first hand experience on what it’s like to work in the kitchen (and it was a lot of fun)!