U.S. born cleric killed in Yemen

Words relating to the C.I.A. killing of a U.S. born cleric in Yemen

Words relating to the C.I.A. killing of a U.S. born cleric in Yemen

One of the top stories circulating around the web, today, was about a CIA drone killing of a U.S. born radical Islamist in Yemen.

When I put the story headlines in the Wordle, right away I could see that it was telling me that a cleric was involved in some sort of killing in Yemen.

I was able to formulate this assumptions because the most prominent words in this Wordle were “Yemen,” “Cleric,” and “Killed.”

I was not surprised to see that these were the most prominent words as they all seemed to be in every headline I entered into the page.

However, I was surprised to see that the phrase “U.S. born” and the term “al-Qaeda” did not seem to have as much prominence, as I felt them both to be in many of the headlines that I chose.

Before entering the headlines into the Wordle, I would have expected those two terms to be among the biggest words in the cloud, however, this was not the case.

Yet while many of the headlines had similar words or phrases in them, I felt as though they all did a very good job at shaping their own way of headlining the story, by ordering the words differently, and including different terms such as “CIA,” “drone,” or “Muslim” here and there.

Every headline was slightly different in its own way.

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