‘Home’ for Thanksgiving: Johnson encapsulates holiday spirit

No home? No problem!

For students who find themselves stuck on campus over the Thanksgiving break, Hofstra Vice President of Student Affairs, Sandra Johnson can help you feel right at home for the holidays.

It’s become somewhat of a tradition in the Johnson household to open their home on Thanksgiving to students who are unable to venture back to their own families for the special day.

Whether it’s a student with an athletic commitment, one that stays to fulfill work obligations, or an international student who is unable to make the long trip home for a holiday not celebrated in their country, Johnson’s generous tradition allows them a place to enjoy a comfortable family environment and a delicious Thanksgiving feast.

Johnson and her family have opened their doors to others for many years now, and normally have a very nice turnout from students looking for a place to get away.

In fact, for this year’s Turkey Day, student interest was so high, she actually had to place a limit on the number of students allowed to sign up at the risk of running out of room at her residence.

So no matter what the story is for being stuck at Hofstra over Thanksgiving break, VP of Student Affairs, Sandra Johnson, is always there to make students feel right at home and to teach them the traditions of this timeless American holiday.

Isn’t that something to be thankful for?



VP Sandra Johnson Thanksgiving

VP Sandra Johnson talking about Thanksgiving open house. Click image to link to video.

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