Get into the holiday spirit on Long Island

  1. It’s Christmas time on long island.
  2. Can’t wait to be in long island and nyc over christmas:)
  3. i wanna leave for long island already. hurry up christmas break!
  4. And while Long Islanders may be starting to anxiously anticipate the year’s biggest holidays, there are certainly a wide variety of events taking place in the near future that allow people on the island the opportunity to enjoy the days leading up to the big events!
  5. Lots of festive Christmas events going on around Long Island this weekend
  6. Just signed up for a Christmas 5k in old Bethpage, long island on the 17th. #doingsomethingforme #iloverunning
  7. Just like every year, some of the most exciting elements of the holiday season are the traditions that it brings.
  8. Backyard Christmas tree tradition returns to Levittown: The Schupbach family raised many eye… #Newsday #Hempstead
  9. One of my favorite things to do in LOng Island is drive around and look at all TW Christmas lights. People be going off. LIPA must be 🙂
  10. Yesterday, in New York City, they lit a big Christmas tree, while a few miles to the east, here on Long Island, they lit a big duck.
  11. One major event that kicks off the holiday season is “Christmas at the Lighthouse.” Every year on Thanksgiving weekend, the famous Montauk Point Lighthouse is beautifully decorated for the holidays and on display throughout the entire month of December for all holiday-loving Islanders to see. This year’s ceremony took place on Nov. 27. Below is a video of last year’s lighting.

  12. Montauk Lighthouse Christmas Lighting 2010
  13. Yet, while the holiday season is a time for fun and happiness, it is also a time for acceptance and understanding. It is a time for realizing that there are many different holidays to be celebrated during this upcoming month, and that all, while very different, are special in their own ways.
  14. ‘Holiday tree’ dispute angers some in Mt. Sinai: My comments to this story on News 12 Long Island: “In this age of political correctness, people are forgetting Christians have the right to say and express in words, Merry Christmas. Let us not merge each holiday into the other when they have different meanings. To me, Christmas is a holyday and not a holiday.”
  15. Holiday Tree Vs. Christmas Tree: A Long Island community is debating whether to have a “holiday tree” or a “Chri…
  16. Despite certain setbacks, the holiday season is largely a time when people can put their everyday problems aside and simply look forward to the special month ahead. And with all the events going on and traditions continuing on Long Island this year, residents should have no problem getting into the holiday spirit!

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